I didn’t pay any attention to AsianLitBingo until yesterday. I did it last year and planned and everything. Yesterday I saw the game board again and realized that I had read 3 books so far in May and I was on my way to pick up another at the library AND EVERY ONE WAS ASIAN. Yeah, maybe I should play along again this year.


What I have so far

So far everything fits into multiple categories.  I hate to limit them to one square until I see what all I end up reading.

Her Every Wish by Courtney Milan – Poor or Working Class Asian MC or Historical Fiction with Asian MC or Multiracial Multiethnic MC

Picture Us in The Light by Kelly Loy Gilbert -  LGBTQIAP+ Asian MC or Contemporary with Asian MC

Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood by Varsha Bajaj – South Asian MC or Contemporary with Asian MC or Multiracial MC

The other Courtney Milan book I read doesn’t fit although she’s part Asian because none of the characters are.