#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter S

Shanna Swendson

I first discovered Shanna Swendson through her Enchanted, Inc. series.

Katie moves to New York City from Texas. She was warned by all her friends and family that things would be weird in the big city. When she starts seeing all kinds of strange things, she thinks that is what they meant. It turns out that she has the ability to see through the illusions that magical people use to hide their existence from the rest of the world. She’s hired by a magical firm to test illusions and detect people who are using magic to try to cheat in business deals.

This is a nine book series with a cute, clean, slow burn romance.

She also has a total different series that I adored.

In the Rebel Mechanics series, the British use magic and the American colonists are trying to rebel by using mechanical innovation against them. A young governess to a British magister family becomes a spy for the rebels.

Shanna Swendson also has a cozy mystery series.

While looking up details for this post, I also realized that she just started a new series described as cottagecore romantic fantasy about a woman on the run who has a tea shop. Obviously I had to just hand over my money and buy that. It will be perfect for reading for May’s Wyrd and Wonder that is focusing on cozy books.