I read 158 unique authors in 2017.


Once again I read overwhelmingly more female authors. Most of those male authors wrote nonfiction. I only read a few male fiction writers.

How did I do with my goal of reading diversely?


I was right about at 50% white. That’s better than I’ve done in the past but still not representative of the world as a whole. In 2015 I was 72% white and in 2016 68% of the female authors I read were white. One of my goals this year was to read more Asian authors. Last year I only read 13 and none of them were Southeast or Southwest Asian, so not a huge gain overall but more geographically spread out.

What about the men?


Yeah, not so good. 80% white. That’s way worse than last year. I know why too. I talked about it in my post about my nonfiction reading skewing towards white male authors. This is why I keep track of these things so I know if I need to reach out more in my reading to get different perspectives on the world.

My most read author was M.C.A. Hogarth.

These are four of the series of hers that I either started or read all of this year. I read 12 of her books and short stories this year.  Emily Larkin had a strong surge at the end to tie with Seanan McGuire for second with 7 books each.

Who was your most read author?