I signed up for the Diversity Reading Challenge hosted at Celebrity Readers. Today I’m reviewing how many books I read that were written by authors of color.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. It is a lot of books but as a percentage of my total reads it isn’t much. I’m still reading WAY more white authors than authors of all the other races on Earth combined. I like to read from different perspectives so reading just from a monolithic group isn’t the best.

4 Replies to “Authors of Color 2021”

  1. You did a great job! I find that every year I do a little bit better. It’s about starting to seek out those books intentionally. I bet if you look at previous years, the improvement in diversity is impressive! I do totally understand what you’re saying, but don’t forget to give yourself props too!

  2. This is a nice array of books, but I do hear you when you say most of the authors you read are white. It’s a commentary on the publishing industry as a whole, even though it has gotten better. Now you’ve got me thinking about the authors of the books I read in 2021.

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