I have been saving a particular pattern for a baby quilt for a long time. It is sort of involved so I wasn’t going to take making it lightly. It has *gasp* applique so it has to be a special occasion.

My brother and sister-in-law are making a baby. So now that I know it is a girl I pulled out the pattern yesterday.

First of all I have one page of the pattern that I saved from a magazine. It has a picture of the quilt. Normally that’s enough for me but this has the applique pieces that it would be nice to have a pattern.

The date of the magazine is November 1996. That perplexed me. I didn’t own a sewing machine until January 1997. I didn’t know I was reading quilt magazines that early.

I found the magazines I needed (it was a series) on Etsy. I had to get 12 magazines in the set. I’ll have all kinds of new-old ideas!