I was cleaning up to make the house presentable for the pet sitter this weekend. I clean best with my iPod on. All of a sudden in the pause between songs I hear this faint bark. I went running to the door and let Snowball inside. I had put her out to go to the bathroom when I started cleaning about 45 minutes earlier and then forgot about her. I couldn’t hear her barking because of the iPod. She marched inside without looking at me instead of stopping to be petted like normal. She’s now eating a special treat of some fattening canned dog food to assuage my guilt. I would definately be one of those parents who forgot to pick the kid up from the babysitters’.

3 Replies to “Bad Mom!”

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  2. LOL Dogs are good for the soul, that’s for sure. When my Jenny get’s peeved with DH or I, she sits there and looks us square in the eye and tells us off. She’s never been a shy one about expressing her opinion on matters, and she’s not even 2 yet. 😉 Now Puck, our other dog, just gives us this long-suffering, “nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms” look and lays under the computer desk.

    Hope your pouty pup has forgiven you by now.

  3. Kids hold grudges longer than dogs do. A little treat won’t save you from the life-time of, remember when you….. stories with a kid. Be thankful that the pup can’t talk. When our dog is mad she makes it a point to go in front of us, no matter where we are, and drop her body to floor – look over her shoulder and exhail loudly. And if we laugh she gets really pissed and then gets louder (it’s hilarious).

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