Bad pet day

Snowball got groomed yesterday. If I didn’t work at a clinic with a groomer where they love her I don’t know what I’d do. I’m sure she’d be banned from any respectable grooming establishment.

She was claimed at 11:30. She got a bath and was put in a cage to dry. She did not approve. You wouldn’t think you be able to hear a 6.5 lb dog in a cage with a dryer on it several rooms away through closed doors but then you’d be underestimating the power of fury.

I went to lunch at noon. I escaped out a side door so she wouldn’t see me leave. I told them to leave her in a cage until I got back because if she was let out and couldn’t find me then all hell would break loose. They didn’t listen.

When I got back she was laying in the office near my chair. She turned her head so she was not making eye contact and snubbed me. I was immediately regaled with tales of her anger. They tried holding her and letting her lay on my lab coat. It did not help. She has anger issues. I picked her up and cuddled her. She did not respond. I set her on my lap. She stayed facing away from me and was very stiff. She would not give me the satisfaction of acting like she liked me one bit. She’d show me. After an hour she would look at me but I wouldn’t call it friendly. She started coming into the exam rooms with me and was making it very clear that she was scouting for new humans. She gave me triumphant looks when other people would tell her how cute she was. I pointed out to her that she was cute because she’d just been groomed but she’d go out in a huff.


I got home and was putting the horses out in the pasture. I let Spirit go out by himself and led Prize. I got Prize in the pasture and went out to get Spirit to come in. He was playing around and took so long that Prize decided to wander out of the field into the yard too. At that point Spirit decided that of course he’d go in the pasture since she wasn’t there. I shut the gate behind him and turned to Prize. She decided that since she was out she should run around but her heart wasn’t in it. She made a circle in the yard and then stopped and looked at me. I crooked my finger at her and said, “Come here,” very calmly. She walked over with her head hanging. She buried her head against my chest. I said, “Yes, you were bad.” She cuddled closer to say sorry and I led her to the pasture. She always feels bad after she’s been naughty. I wonder if she could give some of that contrition to Snowball.


  • OnTheBit

    haha…Snowball was only acting like that because you tortured her and then abandoned her! And good thing Prize doesn’t like to be naughty…she is probably just giving you a break and being the good horse of the two because I imagine that in his younger years Spirit must have caused trouble. Are you worried about going back to boarding your guys? I am sure will both be fine but I would imagine that trailering might be hard on Spirit.

  • Kati

    Awwww, poor Prize. She does sound like she was very contrite. As for Snowball…. well, she sounds like a very manipulative beast. *wink* Of course, I don’t think there’s a single dog I’ve ever met who ISN’T manipulative in some way or another. And yet, we seem to love them. *sigh* Hope Snowball gets over her peevishness soon. *grin*

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