I broke the zipper on my purse a few days ago. I hate purse shopping. I’m picky and cheap. That’s a horrible combination. Add in the vegetarianism where I think I shouldn’t buy leather and purse shopping is hell.

I went all over. Is everyone carrying everything they own around? The purses are gigantic. I was thinking that maybe they want me to carry a puppy in them and today I was reading Vogue and lo and behold there was a picture of a huge bag with a husky puppy in it. I knew it! (Yes I read Vogue. I’m way too cheap to ever buy the stuff in it but I love to look at the pictures.)

Anyway, I looked at a display of “minibags”. They were bigger than my old purse. I finally ended up with a small lavender hobo bag in leather (there goes the ethical highroad). The checkout lady at the store loved it. She was going on and on about how she loves light purple bags but hates that dark purple. Meanwhile I was pulling my credit card out of my dark purple old purse. She never noticed.