I’d been putting off my next long run because of a monster cold. It was hard for me to breathe while sitting still let alone consider breathing while having to run for 25 whole minutes.

I went out today with my route all planned out. That impressed the heck out of me yesterday. I was saying to myself, “I’ll go down this trail and then cut over here…”. Holy cow! I am planning multitrail runs. Sure I was doing it to avoid the worst of the hills but still. I was planning multi-trails when I’m still flat out shocked that I can run for more than one minute at a stretch.

I did fine until about 11 minutes out when I had to take a 15 second mental health break. I was sure I was dying and couldn’t breathe but I just stood there and breathed for a few seconds and then was able to go on just fine. Just like last time I did my last five minutes better than the first part of the run.

I don’t know how far I run. I know it isn’t the 2 1/4 miles that the program recommends at this point. I’m thinking of running out on a bike trail that has marked distances. But it is paved and I’m not sure that I can do it. If I’m looking down a straight path at a dot in the distance that I have to run too that seems a lot harder than running for a set number of minutes. But maybe I’m just weird.