I’m banned from the library!

I wasn’t bad.  This is a self imposed ban.  I’m telling you about it for accountability.  Bless me for I have sinned and coveted too many shiny titles instead of the books that I already have here.  Now I’m drowning in books to read (which is a good problem to have) and I have to stop bringing in more.

The rules

  • No requesting more library books until March 1
  • I can go pick up books that I’ve already requested that come in.
  • Also, I can only get new books from Amazon if they are free.  That’s totally cheating but come on, free books!
  • The only exception is if I run out of audiobooks which may happen because I have a road trip this month.

Not gonna lie, I put in a few requests yesterday before the ban started today.  I’m number 37 on the list for that one book though so that should be ok.

What I have from the library now


I’ve already had to renew a few because I was running out of time.

The first screen of my ebooks


I’ve read two of those and started a few more and that is just the first screen.

None of that even counts the physical books I have here that I haven’t read or what I have on Netgalley.

Let’s see what I can do to make a dent in the unread books around here.