Today I’m interviewing Marce from Tea Time with Marce. Marce lives in Bermuda so I decided to find out what the book scene is like there.

Is there an active bookish community in Bermuda? Are there lots of book shops,
book clubs, libraries, etc?

There are not many book stores on the island, we have the Bermuda Book Store,
which is a mom and pop local store and then we have a larger department store
with a great book section. You will find small sections of books in some stores
but not dedicated book stores. Bermuda has 1 public library and a youth
library. One of our radio personalities also has a book club that discusses a
book weekly. The main connections you find are through friends, family and
colleagues at work which then become many personal book clubs.
I have been in a book club for a little over a year but to be honest the book
choices are not great, but the company and food are.

Are there any Bermudian authors or books set in Bermuda that you recommend?

Tea With Tracey: The Woman's Survival Guide To BermudaTea With Tracey: The Woman’s Survival Guide To Bermuda by Tracey Caswell

I would recommend Tea with Tracey by Tracey Caswell
Take a 35 year-old prairie gal, marry her off to a Bermudian and move her to the
Island. What happens? Find out in Tea with Tracey: The Woman’s Survival Guide to
Bermuda an 8 year romp through the trials and tribulations of settling into
Island life.
Appeals to new residents and visitors alike.
Helps overseas employees of international businesses settle in quickly.
A great gift for anyone who has ever lived in or visited Bermuda.
Tourist souvenir with a difference.
Entertaining for anyone interested in reading about foreign places.
Easy-reading style and humour ensure enjoyment by all.
An eye-opening experience for Bermudians.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of living on an island?

I am born and raised in Bermuda. I have lived in New York and Philadelphia for
schooling but I love living on an island. It is small, approx. 65,000
population. My favourite thing is knowing almost everyone, it is a beautiful
diversity of cultures and laid back, slower paced then city life.
My least favourite thing would be that it is very expensive as we have to import
everything, food is outrageous prices.
Even though it is an island, we are a British colony and influenced by many
British and American everyday living.

Thanks Heather for the interview and having interest in Bermuda. We are now experiencing low 60’s which I’m a little embarrassed to say is ‘freezing’ to us SMILES with many of you experiencing less than 20, even zero degrees.

Yes, it is cold here in the U.S. this week but it looks like we are going to get back close to 60 this weekend.  We can pretend that it is Bermuda-like!


I’m being interviewed today by Priya from Tabula Rasa.  She asked me all kinds of questions.  Marce is interviewing Priya so head over there too.