Today’s prompt is:

Books I Read Because of a Fellow Blogger

I figured that was easy enough but no.  No, it isn’t.  I can’t remember who recommended what.  Once a book hits the Goodreads TBR list it is like it organically grew there of its own volition.  So I decided to talk about the places where I get most of my recommendations.

Aarti at BookLust and Diversiverse – For the past few years I’ve been making myself branch out and find great POC authors.  Aarti’s sci-fi/fantasy event in October, Diversiverse, is a big reason why.  It opened my eyes to so many great authors like Nnedi Okorafor and Tananarive Due.

Tanya at Mom’s Small Victories and Travel the World in Books – I started tracking the settings of the books that I was reading through a challenge that Sheila at Book Journey did.  I enjoyed it so I got involved with the Travel the World in Books group.  Now there are readalongs and twitter chats with lots of recommendations.

Historical Fix – This is a group of historical fiction authors and readers/bloggers on Twitter.  The chats are overflowing with great book recommendations.  I know I read The Violinist of Venice because of recommendations here.

Book Riot – I get a lot of recommendations from this site.  I’m always finding something I like on their lists.

So many of the people on my Twitter feed only read YA.  I think YA is ok but I like adult books a lot more.  I like reading blogs by people who love it too.  I’m finding a lot of great new to me people this week through BBAW but here are some of my go-to people.

Katie at Doing Dewey – She loves nonfiction too and have great choices.

Joy at Joy’s Book Blog – She has events like British Isles Friday that highlight lots of great books.

Julianne at Outlandish Lit – I’m really looking forward to her Weirdathon event in March.

Litha Nelle at Victorian Soul Book Critiques -  Fantasy, Historical, and Science Fiction is right up my alley.