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Books I Read Because of a Fellow Blogger

I figured that was easy enough but no.  No, it isn’t.  I can’t remember who recommended what.  Once a book hits the Goodreads TBR list it is like it organically grew there of its own volition.  So I decided to talk about the places where I get most of my recommendations.

Aarti at BookLust and Diversiverse – For the past few years I’ve been making myself branch out and find great POC authors.  Aarti’s sci-fi/fantasy event in October, Diversiverse, is a big reason why.  It opened my eyes to so many great authors like Nnedi Okorafor and Tananarive Due.

Tanya at Mom’s Small Victories and Travel the World in Books – I started tracking the settings of the books that I was reading through a challenge that Sheila at Book Journey did.  I enjoyed it so I got involved with the Travel the World in Books group.  Now there are readalongs and twitter chats with lots of recommendations.

Historical Fix – This is a group of historical fiction authors and readers/bloggers on Twitter.  The chats are overflowing with great book recommendations.  I know I read The Violinist of Venice because of recommendations here.

Book Riot – I get a lot of recommendations from this site.  I’m always finding something I like on their lists.

So many of the people on my Twitter feed only read YA.  I think YA is ok but I like adult books a lot more.  I like reading blogs by people who love it too.  I’m finding a lot of great new to me people this week through BBAW but here are some of my go-to people.

Katie at Doing Dewey – She loves nonfiction too and have great choices.

Joy at Joy’s Book Blog – She has events like British Isles Friday that highlight lots of great books.

Julianne at Outlandish Lit – I’m really looking forward to her Weirdathon event in March.

Litha Nelle at Victorian Soul Book Critiques -  Fantasy, Historical, and Science Fiction is right up my alley.


12 Replies to “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”

  1. I am glad to see I am not alone at not keeping better track of who recommends what. I enjoy Litha Nelle’s recommendations too. And Aarti too. They have such wonderful taste in books and have introduced me to many wonderful books.

    (Off to check out some of the links of bloggers I am less familiar with!)

    1. Thanks for the mention, ladies! I’m glad to know my mind control formula- err… “book recommendations”… strike a chord.
      ~Litha Nelle
      P.S. I’ve kind of been reading a lot of memoirs/autobios lately too, but I don’t want to mess with my design (Fantasy/Historical/Science Fiction). I just file them under historical and out of orbit and call it good.
      I think it was Book Riot who finally irked me into reading P&P- I’m grateful for that.

  2. Some new to me bloggers here and some familiar. I don’t remember very often where I’ve first seen notice of a book. And I haven’t kept up with that. That’s OK though. We’re all just one big group, right?

  3. Thank you for sharing these links. My browser bookmarks folder is full to bursting already with all the interesting-looking blogs I’ve been discovering through #BBAW over the last couple of days.

    You’re not alone in neglecting to keep track of who recommended any particular book to you. I did some surveys recently and one of the results ( was that over 80% of respondents don’t keep track of the who/where/why of book recommendations. I don’t either!

  4. The overload of YA blogs almost turned me off actually. I then made it a point to find other Thriller, Mystery, Suspense bloggers and it is great now. I always thought those were my only go to genres but this week is really making me realize I am an eclectic reader, who knew.

  5. It does seem like there’s an overload of YA blogs out there. I also like YA but prefer adult books. I’ll have to check out some of the people you mentioned who aren’t familiar, but I agree, Julianne has made some great recommendations.

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