It was an absolutely beautiful day today. It was 62 degrees this afternoon. It is supposed to be in the 30’s again by tonight. I went for a 10 mile bike ride. All that fresh air and exercise must have addled my brain because I haven’t been able to think straight since. I knew that I had to make three stops afterwards. When I went into the first store I had no idea why I was there. I walked around hoping something would jog my memory but nothing did. I didn’t figure out what I needed to buy until I was pulling out of the parking lot. A microwave.

I got the husband a new microwave for Valentine’s Day. Before anyone claims that appliances aren’t allowed, let me say that he will think that this is the most expansive display of love possible. Our current microwave operates only for me. I say that this is because I love it properly and he just talks bad to it. He’s been cussing the microwave for two years. I’ve been defending it just as long. So not only have I given in and replaced what I believe is a perfectly functional, just misunderstood, microwave but the new one is stainless steel. When we built this house he wanted a whole stainless steel kitchen. Not just appliances but the whole kitchen. I love modern design as much as anyone but that was a bit much even for me. So I showed him the expense of stainless steel and changed his mind. Now he’ll have a bit of it. He’ll be thrilled.

I also got my park permit for the competitive trail ride that I am running in July. I guess this means that I really need to get to work now.