Tucked away in a cabinet I found a videotape with a belly dancing workout on it. I remember it was there because I had banished from my bedroom and tried to sell it on eBay. But no one wanted it. It was a Fat Burning workout. I vaguely remembered that I hated it and that it hurt my shin splints. But, because sometimes I have no sense I decided to try it today so see if it was really so bad. Since the last time I tried it I’ve lost 15 pounds. I thought that might make a difference.

It didn’t. It was still horrible. It reminds me of jumping rope for 30 minutes in your bare feet. (Hello, shin splints!) I guess that’s the fat burning part because I sure was sweating. I wasn’t holding my arms up over my head as directed though both because I didn’t want to totally wear myself out and because I was using my arms to hold down other parts of myself so I didn’t knock myself out. All in all a hideous experience.

But then I watched the part after the workout where each of the teachers comes out and does a little show-off routine. Their routines weren’t nearly as hard as the workout. There was little to no jumping up and down. Cheaters! I could do what they were doing without breaking a sweat. Especially the part where she takes the sword and balances it on her waist then dances around without it moving. I have rolls there that would keep that sword in place nicely.

So if there are any masochists out there who would like a suicidal belly dancing video just let me know.

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