I saw a link to this article on my Facebook feed today. I’m not going to link to it because it was alarmist. Cats have parasites!!!!! We’re all going to die!!!!


The first comment started like this:

As a veterinarian I would like to add to this conversation.

After that there were some comments about what he said followed by this:

What in the world does being a vegetarian have to do with your post? What, an omnivore can’t have knowledge of proper hand washing? Of the life cycle of the parasite? Well as a half black, half Italian, omnivore I thank you for your post. And also as an IT professional, I know living with a disease factory, capable of contracting the bug in question is probably not the smartest thing for anyone to do. And as a motorcycle rider, I would like to say that the fact that there is no difference between infection rates only goes to show that cats are a general public health risk.


This was followed by explanations of veterinarian vs. vegetarian.