With last Thursday being a holiday I missed another scheduled workout.  I was feeling it today!

Warm up was a 400 m run while carrying a 10 lb medicine ball.  There is no comfortable or graceful way to do this.

Then we partnered up and did a squat and tossed the ball to our partner.  Then we held a low squat while the partner did 15 pushups followed by a squat while your partner did 5 pushup to side plank combinations.  After that we did a squat and held the ball overhead while our partner did 5 burpees.

The strengths today were front squats and pull ups.  I did 95 lbs on the front squat and it felt super heavy.

The workout was as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

  • 6 deadlifts
  • 6 box jumps
  • 6 push press – bar from shoulders to overhead

That didn’t seem to hard when I looked at it but it was horrible!  The deadlifts were relatively light since we were using the same bar for the push press.  I was doing 75# which should have been challenging to for the press but not impossible.  It was nearly impossible.  I did 4 rounds and got up to the push presses again.