I feel totally blah today. I haven’t done a thing. I don’t feel like doing anything but I’m bored with doing nothing. I hate these kinds of moods.

It is gloomy and rainy (again) so that’s probably not helping. There are all kinds of things I should be doing. The main thing on the list is cleaning out my side of the basement. I even went down there to start but it is so overwhelming that I couldn’t even start. I called the husband and asked him to help me with it this weekend. There was a pause and then he said, “You’re kidding, right?” Nope. He agreed to help. He’s good at things like that. I would get bogged down in the minutae of organizing everything. He’s better at big picture stuff like ‘we need to move that whole pile of lumber.’ He’ll keep me working.

My goal for the space is to get it more useable. I originally moved all my sewing stuff over there when the renovation of the other side of the basement started. I naively thought that this would be a temporary thing and then we would reorganize. A year and a half later it is still in disarray. I have been sewing anyway but clutter bothers me. I need to make it a welcoming space that I want to work in again. That is going to involve digging out tables that are under piles of lumber.

I also need to clean out all the rabbit stuff. Again it is a big job that I’ve been putting off because it will take a while and for now it is out of sight out of mind. I’ve wanted to make the area that Sammy lived in a yoga/meditation room some day. Even though it isn’t closed off fully now I could still use it like that if I got it all cleaned up.

So that is my goal for my weekend. Sounds like fun, huh?