I finally got around to uploading the pictures from the conclusion of quilt camp.

Here is one finished quilt. Notice that she cheated and worked on hers to make it bigger between sessions of quilt camp.


Here is the other one.


They are half-log cabin quilts that are tied. Actually, they are sutured. I tried to help out and started suturing instead of tying knots. Then they had to learn because it is much faster. They keep telling me I have to write a book about it so everyone can learn to suture their quilts.

4 Replies to “Quilt camp wrap-up”

  1. Sure, come on down! My husband always tries to find a way for my hobbies to make money. Makes me crazy. He was convinced that I could turn this into a huge business by charging $200 a quilt and teaching at least 10 people at a time. He couldn’t understand that no one would pay that much and that I could never work with 10 people on this project at once.

  2. write that book! I’m dying to learn to quilt…..but I hate to take a class. Maybe I’ll just get a book and wing it! I need quilt camp, lol

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