There is a C-word that would be the obvious thing to write about at this time in history but I’m not having it. Instead I’m going to write about my Creativity Hat.



I got this hat to use as part of my White Rabbit costume one Halloween.  This hat is so comfortable.  It is made of some kind of velvety fabric over a soft foam that gives it structure.  It gives me bunny ears.  Who doesn’t want bunny ears?  I loved it so much that it seemed a shame to only be able to wear it the one day.

It was sitting in my sewing room (where all random stuff ends up) on a day when I was cold.  I put it on and decided then and there that I was going to wear it whenever I wanted.  The Creativity Hat was born.

The husband has proper respect for the hat.  If he wanders into the sewing room and sees me wearing the hat he knows that he might be interrupting serious work.