I absolutely love going to the movies.  In fact, we almost never watch movies at home because everything we’ve wanted to see we’ve seen in the theater.

For Christmas last year I got a pass that let me go to unlimited movies for a year.  We figured that in order for it to make financial sense I had to see at least 3 movies a month.  That was absolutely doable.  We usually went to a movie every week.  It was also nice for those movies you were on the fence about.  Did you want to spend money to see that?  Not an issue, it’s free!

Yeah, not so much now.  I didn’t figure a global pandemic into my cost/benefit ratios.

I used to pick the theater to go to based on food choices.  I was a sucker for pretzel bites with cheese sauce.  Yes it would kill my lactose-intolerant self but it was SO GOOD!  Then a movie theater that didn’t have pretzel bites got recliners.  We had to change loyalties.  That theater does have Cheetos popcorn though.  It is cheese flavored popcorn mixed with Cheetos.  Very good.

We’re spoiled now.  There was a day when a movie we wanted to see wasn’t at that theater.  We actually had a discussion about whether or not we’d go see it at another theater where we’d having to have our feet on the floor “like peons.”  We did and it was so traumatic after lounging in recliners. 

I like seeing special events in theaters too.  We’ve seen musicals and operas and special event television shows.  I can’t wait until we get to go back again.