Facts about Lucy:

She is the ultimate immoveable object.  She sleeps between my knees and no amount of moving or kicking will dislodge her.  If I need her to move, I need to lift up the blanket that she is on and move the blanket away from my legs.

She’s a Mommy’s girl.  She has to be where I am.  Even better, she needs to be sitting on me.  Best, she needs to be sitting on me in the most inconvenient way possible.

She likes to hunt bugs. Occasionally she gets big game like a mouse that wanders into the house.

She murdered a small cactus I had by repeatedly pushing the container off the ledge it sat on.

This weekend I found her rubbing up against my toothbrush.  I wonder how long that’s been going on.


She’ll stand on the counter and meow until you hug her.

She has the husband trained to give her treats at specified times of the day.

She keeps Paul entertained by running and wrestling with him.

Her favorite place to sit is on top of me if I am covered with my orange fleece blanket.  That is the ultimate happy spot.