Body for Life Week 2

I’m still being a good girl with my workouts. I still haven’t missed one. I even worked out late Saturday night after my parents stopped by.

I can see difference in how my body moves and how I hold myself. My posture has always been good but I seem to be walking a bit taller. I am able to lift more weight in most of the exercises.

Two days ago I weighed yself and I had gained one pound back. While I was contemplating this I realized that I had been pulling up my pants all morning. So no matter what the scale says I’m getting smaller!

I bought two pairs of shorts that were a size 12/14. They were a bit stretchy because they are pull ons but I wasn’t sure if they would fit since my size 14 jeans with stretch were getting tight. But they fit fine. I haven’t had the nerve to try my nonstretchy jeans on yet. For now I’ll just settle for amusing myself by being able to wiggle almost the whole way out of my work pants without unbuttoning. It is good to have a skill!


  • Rose

    Glad it’s going well for you. There’s that saying that muscle weighs more than fat.. so you might have lost weight at your hips/waist and put on muscle in your arms/legs 🙂
    Wishing you luck.

  • Connie Colten


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