Guess where I am going today? We are driving to another state for the express purpose of staying in a hotel overnight and then driving home. Crazy, no? But here’s where we are staying.

If you went to the link, stop staring at the screen opened mouthed. That was my reaction when I first saw that website. Yes, there are private full sized swimming pools in each and every hotel room! Some even have waterslides but I’m too cheap for that. My room also has a jacuzzi and a steam shower.

The SO doesn’t know where we are going. He’s known for a few months that we are going on vacation to a couples only place. He keeps guessing scarily kinky stuff like hidden cameras in the rooms. I’ve started to tell him it is a nudist colony but he doesn’t seem to believe me.

I’ll post pictures of the actual room later. It did worry him that I was charging the camera batteries this morning.