Book buying spree

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I finally caved to the temptation. I’m expected to provide a baked good at work on Friday so I ordered Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World from Amazon. I even got the overnight shipping because there was a special on it. I’ve been wanting the book but with my new committment to healthy eating I just couldn’t do it. But now it can be seen as an altruistic gesture. I’m buying it to make cupcakes for other people. How sweet of me!

Yesterday I got my copy of The Body Sacred. This is a book I resisted buying for a long time. I don’t want to love my body. Trying to love my body made me think that I was just giving up trying to be fit. I couldn’t see how I could love my body when objectively I knew that there were things that needed to change. It felt like I was lying to myself. So what changed? I started eating mainly whole foods and started losing weight. I felt like I took some control and positive action and now I was ready to hear what the book had to say. I’m only about halfway through. I’m doing a quick read-through to get a feel of the whole book before I try any of the meditations and exercises.