We created a monster. Prize went from a horse who needed pharmacy help to go into heat to a raging nymphomanic. Horses are usually in heat for 4 to 6 days. Then they ovulate and don’t want anything to do with the boys anymore. Today is day 8 and she still likes boys.

She’s far from the first day of needing to get fed to let him get personal with her. She figured out how to scrunch down a bit because he’s a few inches shorter than her. She’s even been being used to get the other stallions interested before they get collected for artificial insemination. My sweet little girl has turned into an anytime – anywhere – anyone kind of gal.

The word this morning is that she got a bit snippy with him during breeding so she may be finally coming out of heat. I’ll go pick her up this weekend. (Of course she couldn’t come home before the gas prices went way up for Memorial Day.)

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