by Barack Obama, Evie Dunmore, Jasmine Guillory, Shanna Swendson

I’m going to post some quick reviews of a few books that I finished up right at the end of the year and never got around to reviewing.

This was an amazing audiobook. It kept me laughing. Presidents are (supposed to be) so calm and rational when they speak. He lets loose here. He’s telling people off and naming names. My favorite part is during the discussion of DeepWater Horizon, the oil rig that leaked in the Gulf of Mexico. The man actually says, “What do they expect me to do? Put on my f#@king AquaMan outfit and go down there with a wrench?” I cackled. Then a few minutes later he goes on a beautiful rant about everything wrong with the U.S. political system. I’ve made so many people listen to that section. Everyone just nods. He isn’t telling lies.

This book only covers part of his first term. I can’t wait for him to write more.

This was such a nice romance novel. A lawyer meets a man in a hotel bar and doesn’t realize that he is a senator. He likes that she seems to like him without knowing who he is. But does she really want to deal with all the pressure of a relationship with a politician?

What I loved about this book is that the relationship was very warm and supportive. They talked about things like grown ups even when it was hard for them.

This author is an autobuy for me so I was excited to see that she had an Audible Original story. This was a cute story of a woman from Texas who is thrown into the New York City magical community against her will. She is a librarian and she uses her research skills at a magical library to help figure out what to do!

I read this book and the next one in the series back to back. I love it when I find a new historical romance author to follow. These books are smart and fun. That’s the best combination. It isn’t just another bewitching debutante out to catch a man.