top ten tuesday

Do you have a preference? I like libraries way more than bookstores. I’m not a person who wants to visit old bookstores when traveling or browse shelves at new bookstores. I like the order of libraries. I like borrowing books better than owning them too!

This is a historical magical romance. One of the main characters would love to live exclusively in his library. In fact he has developed his own organization system (before Dewey) and the spells to retrieve the books that he needs.

This is a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast so you know that the main character will find herself in the presence of a magnificent library at some point.

Ink blood sister scribe by emma torzs

Estranged sisters are charged with protecting a magical library that has been in their family for generations.

The Last Heir to Blackwood Library Hester Fox

During WWI a young woman inherits an estate that comes with a mysterious library. She knows nothing about it but many people seem very interested in getting a look at it. Who should she trust?

A woman takes a job at a used bookstore. Her boss dies on her first day and she is told that she inherited the running of the store. It turns out to be an oracle for the magical community that she knew nothing about. I loved this whole series!

A guard on the run from her murderous Queen sets up a bookstore/tea shop in a remote town with her wizard girlfriend.