I just learned from Ladies Home Journal that women should learn to get comfortable touching their breasts in everyday situations such as showering or putting on a bra. Huh? Am I abnormal or do people commonly shower and put on a bra while actively avoiding touching their breasts? Mine are on the large size so maybe that’s why I always feel like I’m grabbing them and hauling them out of the way of whatever I’m trying to do.

(Let me take a moment to say hello to everyone who has been directed here while looking for topless photos.)

I never did understand the monthly exam advice. Do people avoid their bodies that much that they need to be reminded to feel for abnormal growths? When I had a mass I found it in the course of going about my everyday life. I think most people do. Don’t even get me started on advising men to do monthly testicular exams. I don’t know any men who go a whole month without feeling them! LOL