– Don’t listen to a close football game with a kid in the room. It leads to you having to repeatedly slap a hand across your mouth to stifle the involuntary “BULLS..mmmhhmh!”

– Do take the aforementioned kid to a coin show because the dealers will think she’s cute and give her free stuff. Unfortunately it is stuff like pennies that thrill her but don’t do much for adult collections.
– It is official. I run better on trails than pavement. My last two workouts were on pavement due to rain. It was way too easy to stop. I never got all 25 scheduled minutes in. Yesterday I was back on trails and I did it easily. Once you get out you need to cover the distance to get back anyway so you might as well run. (Speaking of running, Chestnutty have you done your long runs yet?)

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  1. Hi! I am 2/3 the way through week 7 (so one more 25 min, then up to the 28) — and I haven’t keeled over just yet 😉 Every time I think, “There’s no way I can do this”, but somehow I make it to the end, albeit very slowly. I’m doing 12 min miles on the treadmill (have to fit in the running while the oldest is at Kgarten and the youngest is napping) — goal is to work on speed after I get to the end of the program. I would love to hit 10 min miles someday. I agree with pavement running! Ugh. Went once last week, and it was torture — I think I would like trails better too. The treadmill seems to drag me along and keep me going which is totally what I need LOL! Thanks for thinking of me!

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