Yesterday I was browsing around the blog directory on BlogHer. Can I just say that they have a serious broken link problem? About half of the links I clicked on didn’t work. But I found some new and interesting places to check out.

Chocoholic to Marathon Runner in a Year – She is planning on running the 2010 London Marathon. Way more ambitious than I am. Plus, the url is which makes me think of being chased by zombies. Then I say, “No, she’s British” which makes me think of Shaun of the Dead which makes me happy all over again. But I’m weird that way.

Bad Ass Femmes – In Search of Renegades, Rebels, and Wicked, Wanton Women of (Supposed) Ill Repute. This site made me laugh and think. I love some of the graphics.

Bitch Ph.D. – Another thought provoking site.

Cool Adventure Girls – A Blog for women, by women and about women — with strength, vigor and laughter! – This is a group blog focusing on active lives that make a difference in the world.

Curve: the loveliest distance between two points – another person training for a marathon (which supports my theory that the world is all going insane).