We went to Burr Oak state park this weekend. We are doing a tour of the state parks that have resorts. This resort was on a lake made by a dam. There are lots of trails for hiking and riding. You can rent a boat and go out on the lake.

Sounds good, right? It would be if it hadn’t been pouring rain. When we got there we saw a whole group of very forlorn looking bikers standing in the lobby. They had checked out of their rooms and now were trying to postpone the ride in the downpour. We ended up going to the indoor pool for a while and then taking a nap.

After dinner it cleared up a bit so we wandered down to the lake and sat there for a bit. I think I saw a bald eagle. There was a big bird with a white head soaring by. I had time to say, “Is that an eagle?” and then it was gone.

Of course it was bright and sunny when we left the next day!