Yesterday I went to a car dealership on my lunch break. I drove in and saw a Honda Civic Hybrid on the used car lot. I looked at the sticker price and it was way over what I wanted to spend on a car. I really, really want a hybrid but I realize that I was not going to be able to afford it now. So I was walking back to my car when I was all but tackled by a sales guy. I said it cost too much. He gave me the spiel. I decided to drive it because it was cool. I almost wrecked because I spent all my time looking at the gas mileage display. He tried more hard sell. I said no. He asked what I wanted my payments to be. I gave a number that was impossible. He said he could try to make that work. I laughed at him. I finally agreed to bring the husband back to discuss that night.

Enter the husband. He loves a fight. He found the exact car listed online for $3000 less than they were asking on the lot. After a bit of talking they offered us $2000 under sticker. The husband went off. He told them that he knew what they had it listed online for. They asked why he didn’t tell them that he knew that. Bad question. For the next few minutes “unethical” and “bad business” were the nicest words he used in an ever increasing volume. We quickly had the full attention of managers. The husband went back to charming and ever so agreeable mode and then I took over being unreasonable. We didn’t have this planned. It just worked that way.

I’m cheap. I’m also not a car fan. Therefore I’m not willing to pay much. I want a hybrid not because they save money on gas but because I’m a environmental wacko true believer. (The husband actually told the guy that I want a hybrid because I’m a freak. Not those exact words but it was strongly implied.) They couldn’t get the payments on the hybrid to anything near what I was willing to pay. So while the husband was bonding with the managers I just started saying that there was no way I was paying that for a car. I didn’t plan on getting a hybrid this time so let’s just go. This was the first car I drove and I was looking forward to looking around. That freaked them more than the husband’s outburst. They came up with a 2005 Civic non-hybrid with only 16,000 miles on it in my price range. I didn’t really want it because it was boring. The husband said to get it because my car is about to explode. It only starts on the first try about 50% of the time and when it does start it stalls often.

So we bought it. I have to clean out my car today and then go exchange vehicles. At least it starts. I’m sure I’ll like it once I get over my desire for a cool car.