I haven’t mentioned this before because of my history of problems with contractors but I was scheduled to have a new contractor come today to do the drywall in the potential kid’s bedroom. I have learned not to believe it until I see them. For those of you keeping track this will be contractor #3 for a small bedroom. Deadbeat contractor was #1 and the no show contractor was #2.

This guy called me at 11:45 pm last night to confirm. Wasn’t thrilled about that. Then he was 2 hours late this morning. I was sure he wasn’t showing up. But he got here before I left for work and was still here when I got back. Now deadbeat contractor would stay here but unlike DC this guy actually had been working and not watching TV and surfing the internet. The room is completely drywalled except for one nook. They need to get some more drywall for that. It is lovely. It is also clean because they clean up after themselves. I knew deep down in my heart it was possible to do that room in a day despite all previous experience. They need 2 days to mud it and 2 days to paint. They can’t come every day but by the beginning of November we should have a homestudy ready room!

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  1. The deadbeat didn’t really have a business per se (for obvious reasons) to report. He was just a guy that the husband knew.

    I haven’t decided what color to paint yet. I’m open to suggestions.

  2. YEAH!!!! Congrats on finally finding an ethical construction guy!!! Did you ever call the BBB to report that other jerk that was using your computer & hogging your house & not doing the work you were paying him for??? I hope you did. I would. Hate to think about him doing that kind of thing to some little old lady who needs work done.

    Bet the room will look lovely when they’re done with it. What color will you have it painted???


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