Urges again.

I’m getting the urge again. Even after dealing with kid mental breakdowns all weekend (see last post – the password is newlife if you don’t already have it), I’m starting to think about adoption again. Even after the last attempt […]

Killing time

The clinic that I work at several days a week has opened a satellite clinic. I started working there today. This week I’m going to be there today, tomorrow afternoon, and Saturday morning. There are hardly any appointments since it […]

Juno – spoilers

I had a bit of embarrassment today. I had wanted to see the movie Juno but I wasn’t sure if I really should go see it. I knew that if I did I should see it alone. If you don’t […]


Deirdre asked how the blocks were coming for the Storm at Sea quilt. Uh, slowly. The bridal shower is on the 23rd (yes, of September) so if I sew like the wind it can still happen. I had my quilt […]

My meeting

I met with the lady from the county Job and Family Services place this morning. She took one look at my homestudy and said that it all seemed fine to her. Then she wondered out loud why Utah wants all […]


We finished this weekend’s portion of the foster/adopt classes and we are still married. The class was actually very informative and very entertaining at the same time. I learned that the husband is definitely ADHD. We were going over the […]

Training Day 1

I have to honestly report that it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The lady running the training is energetic, enthusiastic, and funny. The information is fairly interesting and is presented as a combination of lecture, discussion, and group activities. […]


I talked to B’s social worker today. She has no clue what is going on. She said that she has no idea what her legal status is right now but she might find out on Thursday. She says that the […]

Phone calls again

I just got off the phone with B. again. She called 1.5 hours late with a rehearsed “Sorry I’m late” line. Yeah, well, don’t be trying that as a teenager. It won’t be ok like it is when you are […]

Phone calls

We’ve set up a schedule to talk to B. twice a week. I’ve talked to her briefly twice before with her therapist on the line to translate. She’s hard to understand since she talks really fast and I don’t think […]

Concessions to parenting

We knew it was going to happen someday. We’ve discussed it in vague ways. But yesterday we finally acknowledged that we had to do something concrete about it. In preparation for adoption we need to start coordinating our schedules. Now […]

A Bit of News

I emailed B’s social worker today to see if there was any update. She said that they were starting the official placement paperwork today. That’s expected to take about a month. A month from now is really bad timing for […]


I’m feeling slightly famous today. It is odd. I did a phone interview this morning with a lady from a large local newspaper about local food. I didn’t feel like I could help her much since she was looking for […]

Adoption news

Our application for adoption was presented today to the powers that be. They think we will be a good home for B. We did have an AAAAARGH!!!! moment though. They want us to take the foster training. Two weeks ago […]


I got a message from the potential kid’s therapist today. They have a session this afternoon and want to talk to me on the phone during it. What do you say in this situation? “Hi. I’m a potential family for […]


I just got a call from a social worker representing a four year old girl. The social worker loves us. I think maybe the social worker wants to come live with us too. This is a bit strange because a […]

Maybe not…

One of the people who wrote a reference for our home study gave us the name of a friend who is a local adoption attorney. I pulled it out today and googled the lawyer with every intention of contacting her […]

Homestudy out

We got the amended last page of our homestudy very quickly. A person might think my worker was sick of hearing from me on the phone. The husband and I read through it together last night and laughed hysterically. We […]


My homestudy came in the mail today! I was all excited and read it through until I got to the last page. There it states… “as they have requested, have been approved for the adoption of two children, Caucasian, either […]


Ok, now it is April. There are supposed to be showers in order to bring May flowers and all that. That means rain and not snow showers. Look at this.. While you can’t actually see the snow in the picture, […]