I talked to B’s social worker today. She has no clue what is going on. She said that she has no idea what her legal status is right now but she might find out on Thursday. She says that the attorney and the guardian ad litem are fighting over if she should visit with us. Then she said that Utah wanted us to do an “adoption homestudy.” I pointed out that we do have a homestudy. She said that it had to be an “adoption” one. I said that it didn’t get any more “adoption” than ours. She’s going to try to figure out what the higher ups mean by that. After that she said that she wanted us to come out and visit.

I just wrote her an email that basically said no. I said that we wanted a time line of what needed to happen next in order to proceed or else we would be forced to look elsewhere. I don’t want to do that but they are clueless. Every time I talk to them they are more clueless than they were before. But they want us to develop a relationship with her. I think that is a really bad idea since they don’t seem to know if this is going to move forward. We’ll see if we get a response to that.