I saw mythical beings today and didn’t realize what they were until later.

I went to vet school in the south. Whenever a certain professor wanted to talk to us about being in “the real world” he’d start off his statement with, “When you are in practice in (insert funny southern town name here)…” One of his favorites was the town of Chucky.

Today at work a couple from out of state came to drop off a dog for boarding while they were visiting friends in town. They were a nice elderly couple but it had nothing to do with me so I didn’t pay much attention. After they left the receptionist was inputting their data and asked, “Does this really say that their town is called Chucky?”

I came flying up front. I confirmed that I had just sighted two real life residents of the famous Chucky. It was brought up so much in school that we weren’t entirely sure it was a real place. It took on the stature of Timbuktu. And I missed talking to the mythical inhabitants of the place. I’m hanging my head in shame. I’d really would have liked to ask how many vets there are in Chucky since we were told so many times that we would be in practice there.