I had a totally surreal experience tonight. I went to a Herman’s Hermits concert in the middle of the town square of my town in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know they were playing until 5 minutes before the concert started. I fell in love with Herman’s Hermits music in high school. I’m not sure why.

It started out pretty bad. I was having confused thoughts and feelings about the whole thing.

1. Should I feel sorry for Peter Noone? I kept thinking of Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics.

2. I know the words to his songs better than he does.

3. The crowd was so lame that I had a strange urge to rush up to the stage and expose myself just to liven things up. Either that or start a mosh pit. Anything.

After a while I moved to the other side of the square. It was a little livelier over there. What made me stop there was that there were four teenagers sitting on a couch. Whatever possessed them to get a beat-up old couch into the middle of the road in order to watch Herman’s Hermits? It isn’t near anyplace that you might think would have an old couch sitting around. Then he sang a slow song and they pulled out lighters and swayed on the couch. It cracked me up so I stayed until the end. They did a very good twist routine to “I’m Into Something Good” too.

It ended up being a pretty good concert. I still can’t imagine that his life goal was to end up playing on a stage set on the edge of a town square in small town USA for a local arts and music festival.


  • Peter Noone

    I am sad for you. Some people don’t understand. You are one of them. Because you don’t understand you have chosen to ridicule the one’s who do understand. I think that my life goal was accomplished the day I decided not to judge other peoples choices. I loved playing in the town square of what I thought was one of the better experiences in my life of quantity and quality.
    The idea that you know my songs better than I do is probably your dea o a compliment but totally false, and suggests that I don’t know the words. I haven’t seen the movie with HUGH GRANT so I cannot comment on it, but from the general tone of your diablog, I suppose it isn’t something that puts Peter Noone in a good light in your world.
    I will remain myself and I hope Hugh does too, and try to remember in future that people will always enjoy truth in the arts and I am as honest as you can get. That explains the 6000 people of all ages in a lovely friendly town which was small!
    My life goal is to do exactly what I am doing, and to harm no one and perhaps cause a few people to smile and reflect on love and happiness.
    Peter Noone

  • quiltpixie

    Isn’t it amazing how many of us end up places we weren’t planning for in life… And thankfully, many of us are happier than I think then if we only did what we set out for 🙂

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