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Equality Ohio

Last night I went to a meeting of Equality Ohio in my town. It is a small group meeting to organize local action on LGBT issues. This is the same group that I went with to Lobby Day.

The first thing that the group is doing is helping out with a state postcard writing campaign. Ohio doesn’t have any laws in place to protect someone from being fired based on sexual identity. This spring the governor made an executive order that protects state workers but no one else has the protection. This fall a bill is being introduced to cover the rest of the state. The goal of Equality Ohio is to be able to put a stack of postcards in support of the bill on the desk of each legislator.

The card says:

In Ohio it is legal to fire somone if they are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgender. I believe this kind of discrimination is wrong. Employers should base their decisions on job performance. Most Ohio voters agree (66%). Business leaders also agree- many of Ohio’s largest companies protect their own workers against discrimination.

Please support protections for all Ohioans and pass legislation that guarantees an equal playing field for everyone in housing, employment and public accommodations.

Vote for the Equal Housing and Employment Act.

If you live in Ohio and want to have a postcard written in your name let me know privately. I have 10 cards to get filled out and believe me I don’t know 9 other people in my personal life who would support this.


  • wen

    thanks for taking a stand. i used to live in ohio (but moved to the california bay area to do my doctorate) and it’s good to know there are still concerned folks back there!

  • Fuzzy Logic

    I have a friend who is originally from Ohio and is currently living in Evansville IN. She is HUGELY involved in changing things just like this. I’m going to email her and tell her you are looking for folks. I’m sure she still has tons of friends in Ohio.

    Great Job!

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