I spent the weekend judging a trail ride. It was hot. That about sums it up. Hot and humid. Think horses panting and riders wilting and sweating so much that your own stench is grossing you out.

I stayed in a hotel. That was nice because there was air conditioning and a shower. But was not a real high class establishment and it catered to a rowdy crowd. At 4:00 AM the people in the room next door to us got in a fight. I woke up to a lady yelling that she didn’t want to put any pants on because she was sleeping until he woke her up and she likes to be comfortable when she sleeps. She didn’t have a large vocabulary but it was colorful and loud. The intellectual component of the argument went down from there until she was yelling at him for turning off the Cartoon Network and daring him to hit her. There was no one working at night at this hotel. We had to leave at 5:00 AM to check some horses before the ride started anyway so we left a bit early in case either one of them had access to weapons. We didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.