Odds and Ends

I talked to my homestudy provider yesterday. She promised me that my completed homestudy would be in the mail last week. She’s been avoiding me ever since. She says she’s been sick and promises again that it will be in […]

Almost done

For two months I have been bothering the security office of a local college about my husband’s fingerprints for the homestudy. For 2 weeks I’ve been bothering the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation for the same thing. When I called […]


We got the first draft of the homestudy today. It was interesting reading, especially the part about how we live in a suburban gated community in a huge house with 4 bedrooms. I had a quick look around to make […]


We passed! I didn’t have any doubts because we can fake acting normal pretty well when we have to. LOL. There was only mild lying. More sins of omission than outright lies. I am very proud that I managed to […]


Here is the image I would like to project for my homestudy interview tomorrow. The lady drives down our driveway in a sturdy, practical car noting the idyllic image of my horses grazing in the front pasture. We usher her […]

The husband’s view

In the course of discussing carpet today the husband asks, “How many do you want?” I answer, “one” because one color of carpet in a room is plenty. Then he says, “Total?” I say, “What are you talking about?” He […]

An inspection miracle

The reason I was worried about the inspection is that the kid’s room wiring wasn’t done. It obviously wasn’t done. There were wires hanging out of boxes, etc. The husband wanted me to tell the guy upfront that our electrician […]

Fire inspection

All my worrying was for nothing because the guy forgot about me. I called him about an hour after he was scheduled to be here and he said that he had pigs come today so he forgot. That’s the kind […]


I have my fire inspection tomorrow. I’m very worried about this because the person who will be coming to do the inspection does not seem very nice at all. Hopefully I got the wrong impression on the phone but he […]

Homestudy update

I finally was able to get in touch with the person who will be doing our home visit. We have an appointment set up for December 19. As an additional miracle, I actually talked to people at the fire department […]


Regular readers may remember that I have been ranting about having to get my well water tested for bacteria for my home study since I’m not dead so it must be fine. This is an example of pride going before […]


I meant to write a post about how horribly lazy I’d been today. But I decided to check other blogs first because writing requires some work and it is a lazy day, remember? Over at Pagan Godspell there was a […]

No more crime

My life of crime is over. I always thought that I could go on the world’s most perfect crime spree because I had no record of my fingerprints anywhere. I would be a mystery to law enforcement. But, no more. […]


This may be adoption heresy but the paperwork for the homestudy isn’t that bad. I’ve always heard that there is a “paperwork nightmare”. Uh, I got most of it done in half an hour yesterday. I still have to do […]

Homestudy part 1

I just had my first phone interview with the homestudy agency! Basically it was to go over all the paperwork that we have to fill out and to see if we have any questions. I stumped them with specific questions […]

Inner child

I have met my inner child and she is a girly girl. We went to Lowe’s today to get things like a closet door and baseboards for the bedroom. While wandering the aisles I had to stop and coo over […]

Parental fitness

In the past 24 hours this story has morphed from anger inducing to a wonderful little ancedote. The change was because of the absolutely lovely reactions of the people I’ve shared it with. There is nothing like the joy of […]