We’ve set up a schedule to talk to B. twice a week. I’ve talked to her briefly twice before with her therapist on the line to translate. She’s hard to understand since she talks really fast and I don’t think she’s mastered holding the phone steady by her mouth yet. She also asks questions but starts talking again while you are answering so I miss a lot of what she says.

In the past she’s asked about the names of all the animals. She was thrilled about us having a horse named Spirit. She must have seen the movie. If you are going to pick one fact about me to remember, remembering Spirit is the way to my heart. Should I be worried that this kid seems to instinctively know my weak points?

Today we talked for about 15 minutes. Working the phone was a bit of a problem. She hung up on me twice. After that she kept asking, “Did I hang up on you?” She can’t say my name. It comes out “Head-do.” Very cute.

With a bit of fear and trepidation I asked her what food she likes. (Please don’t say hot dogs, please don’t say hot dogs.)

“Carrots” Thank god!

“Really? Those are good. My horses love them too.”

“SPIRIT!!!!!!” She remembered him from the last conversation. Way to suck up kid.

It turns out that her second favorite is strawberries. And she said that she loves healthy food because it makes you big and healthy. Thank you, thank you to the residential care facility for brainwashing her in such a good way.

She told me that I’m funny and cute and she’s my friend now. She also said that she’s falling in love with me. I don’t know that she has any idea what that means. Then we had to get off the phone. She needs her rest. Apparently she is going to outer space tomorrow.

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  1. I was so thrilled by this that I read it out loud to my 16 year old (he was the only on within ear shot) and even he couldn’t help but say, long and loud, AWWWWW!

    Soooo lovely to read your story 🙂

  2. She sounds like a cute kid!!!! Glad to hear she knows what’s good for her. *grin*

    My DD had dinner at a friend’s house last night & was suprised to find out that this particular friend doesn’t like broccoli, but will eat it if forced, and as long as it’s drenched in Soy sauce. LOL DD on the other hand, had it topped with a bit of butter, salt & pepper and ate all of it happily. *grin* LOVE it when kids love the REALLY good stuff!

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