Our application for adoption was presented today to the powers that be. They think we will be a good home for B. We did have an AAAAARGH!!!! moment though. They want us to take the foster training. Two weeks ago this was discussed as a possibility. I found out that there were classes starting last week and called to ask if this was something we should start taking. I was told at that time that we would not need to take the course. Now I’m going to have to find another course. I don’t know how easy that will be since the course we found was being given in a neighboring county. I don’t get the impression that they run very often so the counties just take turns holding the course. But they will not place her until we finish the course.

They also want us to come out and visit whenever our schedule permits. Officially, our schedule doesn’t permit. We are just going to have to skip work and go. I about had a heart attack while researching prices on flights out west too. Oh well, everyone always says that kids are expensive.

Once you get past all that it is all good. I think I’m going to start making a small photo album of us and the animals and the house to take out to her. I’m also thinking of hitting Build-a-Bear just cause it looks like fun and she really needs a stuffed animal.