I just got off the phone with B. again. She called 1.5 hours late with a rehearsed “Sorry I’m late” line. Yeah, well, don’t be trying that as a teenager. It won’t be ok like it is when you are four.

I asked what she did today and she said that she was in outer space so that may explain the lateness. Tomorrow she is off hunting pink dinosaurs. Busy kid. But she thinks that Pete’s Dragon is too scary because the dragon roars. I hope the dinosaurs don’t roar at her.

She’s remembering things like the fact that the dog sleeps in the closet. (By her own choice – she could sleep in the bed if she wanted to. Don’t be calling animal control.) I had B. on speakerphone and she was meowing. This perplexed Powder. I said that Powder thought that she was a cat. She made me explain to Powder that she wasn’t really a cat. It reminded me that I don’t know how to break the news to the animals that there will be a loud, energetic small person here soon. Snowball once threw up on a kid that hugged her. I have mockingly told Spirit that there was a kid coming and that he was going to give pony rides. He did not seem amused. I thought that he’d give a token ride and then Prize would take over pony rides. That was before B. got all excited about a horse named Spirit. He may be pressed into service. He might get brushed and have his mane braided and cuddled … Won’t he be horrified!