I just got a call from a social worker representing a four year old girl. The social worker loves us. I think maybe the social worker wants to come live with us too.

This is a bit strange because a week ago we got a letter from this agency saying that out of state families need to have their homestudy done by one of two in-state agencies. I asked the social worker about that and she said that she had never heard of that. She also said it was odd because this girl is not supposed to go to anyone in-state. They want her as far away from her birth family as possible.

The other thing that is odd is that she isn’t on the websites anymore. This is horrible to have to admit but I don’t remember her. They are supposed to be sending some pictures to me today. (They just came in.)

She is cute! I do remember her now. After this whole thing about wanting to adopt internationally and then changing to domestic and fighting with social workers about being eligible transracial adoption, I’m sitting here looking at pictures of a blond-haired, blue-eyed, white girl.

She has a pretty horrific history of abuse which is why they are sending her out of state. She’s been in residential treatment for a year and is supposed to be doing great. She’s excited about getting a new mom and she likes animals. They are going to set up a time for her to call me and chat. Apparently she likes to talk. She’ll get along just great with the husband.

So, fingers crossed.