I’ve made one modification to the diet. It recommends three meals a day only. I get full pretty quickly when I eat but then I’m hungry an hour or so later. So I eat my meal and then I’m snacking on fruit and vegetables when that first wave of hunger hits. Then I’m good until the next meal.

Weight loss so far – 2 lbs. But I can vary that much on any given day so we’ll see if it continues.

Breakfast – handful of grapes, apple
Snack – veggies with bean and salsa dip

Lunch – I had lunch trauma. I pulled one of my favorite frozen side dishes out of the freezer. Tuscan Vegetables with Tomato Herb Sauce. I decided to read the ingredients to see if there was any added sugar. There’s no added sugar but it does have both chicken broth and chicken fat. I’m a big label reader – always looking for things like that. I’m not sure why I never checked this one but c’mon, Tuscan Vegetables with Tomato Herb Sauce? Oh well. I tend to be a pragmatic vegetarian. I don’t freak if I find out later that something I ate contained meat but if I know about it ahead of time I won’t eat it.
So, I ended up having one small homemade black bean burger topped with salsa and a frozen green bean side dish. I checked this one out and there was a tiny amount of dairy. I know this is supposed to be vegan but I was out of freezer options. I think I’ll take an orange to eat on the way to work and another piece of fruit for the ride home. I have to drive down two long streets lined with every fast food place imaginable. It always makes me feel like I should have a snack. Both roads have a Dairy Queen and a Taco Bell. ‘Nuff said.
to be continued…

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  1. I like to add a little protein to my breakfast… that way I’m not starving.. How about a few walnuts? I know you don’t eat dairy or eggs… what about soy yogurt?

    You probably know this but be sure to eat enough calories or you won’t lose any weight.. you need a certain amount of calories to maintain your body functions or your body goes into survival mode.

    Maybe if you do that you won’t have the “wave of hunger”. I’ve personally found that the little bit of fat and protein in nuts can keep the hunger pangs away for hours!

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