I got a message from the potential kid’s therapist today. They have a session this afternoon and want to talk to me on the phone during it. What do you say in this situation? “Hi. I’m a potential family for you but don’t get your hopes up too high because who knows what governmental hangups are likely to happen???” I’m sure Miss Manners never covered this.

I need a better blog pseudonym than “the potential kid”. From now on we’ll go with B. since I don’t know her enough to give her a descriptive nickname.


I just got off the phone with her. Her therapist told her that I was a friend of hers that she had to make a quick call to and then asked if B. wanted to say hi. The girl can talk. She asked if she could come over to my house. I told her that I lived far away but maybe someday. She said that that was ok because her therapist is allowed to take her far away so she could bring her over. Then she asked if I had animals. I gave her the run down of species and there was a pause. Then she said definatively, “I like you.” I’m writing that down to show her when she turns into a mouthy teenager.

Her therapist said that B. has been bugging her to take her to Hawaii. Girl after my own heart there.