We knew it was going to happen someday. We’ve discussed it in vague ways. But yesterday we finally acknowledged that we had to do something concrete about it. In preparation for adoption we need to start coordinating our schedules.

Now we work on a system where one of us comes home and announces that we will be out of town at a certain time. The other one looks at the first and says that he/she will be gone that weekend too. A call is made to the pet sitters and off we go.

It happened yesterday. We were both going to be gone next weekend. The husband’s plans changed so he will be gone a different weekend when it turns out that I will also be gone. He also announced that he has been invited to speak at two conferences this fall. I whispered the dreaded words, “We need to start writing this down.”

Luddite that I apparently am, I actually meant write it down. But I am married to a technogeek so that is not the solution. Not only is it too low tech but he needs to access it at home and work. I have a PDA but he’d lose one of those. We are now the proud owners of a Google calendar where we can hash out our schedules so someone can be home all the time. I think it should definitely be first-come, first-serve since I plan ahead and he’s more of a spur of the moment kind of guy.

I’m going to claim everything I can think of for the next year before he even thinks that far ahead!