I wrote before about being fired and about how the boss was all upset that I was gleefully telling people that I’d been fired. The point was made that last time he fired me I was back working more in two weeks.

I started my reduced schedule there on July 1. I’m working Wednesdays so I didn’t work on July 4. I turn in my hours every two weeks. Because of the reduced hours I lost track of time and I almost forgot to turn in my hours this week. I have a fancy form stored on the work computer that I print out. But when I remembered the computers had already been shut down for the night and I didn’t really feel like booting everything back up. The office manager didn’t want me to mess with the computers either so I said I’d just handwrite my hours on a piece of paper. After all it was only one day.

Today I got an email from the boss. He said that seeing my small amount of hours handwritten on a paper made him feel incredibly guilty. He’s cooking up schemes to get me working more hours again. I don’t know that I want to be involved in these schemes of his but it has been making me laugh ever since. I didn’t know that I could invoke such guilt without even trying!

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  1. LOL That’s kinda funny. You could really milk that guilt if you wanted. Good thing your too nice to do so, huh??? 😉

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