I met with the lady from the county Job and Family Services place this morning. She took one look at my homestudy and said that it all seemed fine to her. Then she wondered out loud why Utah wants all this done over. I said that Utah was implying to me that Ohio wanted it all done over. She said that was crazy because it just makes more work for her. I said that everyone should just say that they don’t want anything and be happy about it.

She’s calling the state level Ohio guy tomorrow to say that she’s happy with what we have and that she doesn’t want anything else. (He’s out of the office today.)

I put a call in to B’s social worker and told her that my local person was satisfied with our paperwork. She hasn’t heard back on the last official ruling from the Attorney General there about permanent termination of parental rights but it was scheduled to be made by the end of August. She was sending an email to the Attorney General to see if she could get an answer.

Someday everyone is going to get all their paperwork done. Hopefully it will be before B’s sixteenth birthday.