Ah the joys of air travel. On Thursday my quick flight turned into an ordeal because of storms shutting down my destination airport. I was supposed to get there at 5 pm and ended up there at 11 pm. The ironic part of this was that according to the people who picked me up it never rained.

Then I was supposed to come home on a 6:30 AM flight. I left my host’s house in plenty of time to make it to the airport at least an hour ahead of time. But she must live farther from the airport than she thinks she does because it took us a half hour longer to get there. So I missed that flight and had to get another. We got up at 4 something for nothing. That’s never a good thing.

Now I’m sitting here waiting for a call back from Children’s Services to go show them my completed homestudy to see if they will accept it or if they feel the need to have us fill out all the exact same paperwork again.